Farewell to March

posted on: Sunday, March 31, 2013

Enzo had a birthday. He turned 7. How easy it is to just Instagram my life? Easy. Using my DSLR is so much harder. I didn't take as many pictures of Enzo's birthday as I had intended. He had a good time though, and that's what's important. Also, we did a group gift this year and I swear I'm never going back. Whenever we say no gifts someone always brings a gift and then everyone else feels bad. One year we did a group gift towards swim lessons and that was great. I'm sticking to group gifts. Everyone chipped in and Enzo is now the proud owner of a season pass to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. He even made a bit extra and decided to also buy a pass for Maria. This week is his spring break. We're planning on going a lot. Basically I forsee a lot of cotton candy in my future.

And then today we tried to get a couple pictures of the kids in their Easter outfit.

My friend made these dresses for the girls and this shirt for Enzo. Stay tuned, we're working on redesigning her Etsy shop and it's going to be awesome.

We tried to get the kids to, you know, just stand still. Chocolate much? When they're excited I say, let them be excited. It's Easter, He's risen[!], how can you not be excited?


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