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posted on: Thursday, March 7, 2013

If you see Maria please refer to her as bunny rabbit. Pretending like she's a certain animal for weeks on end is her thing.

We all have out thing.

My current thing is to get crazy organized. This has been my thing for a while now, and finally I feel like I'm getting a pretty good grasp oh how to make it happen. We have a budget. We have a food budget (I know!). I have gotten rid of things I don't use and added a few things that have helped me save money, save space, and save time.

The Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processor is a new addition to our kitchen, complimentary of Magimix, and it is an absolute thing of beauty! I already had a food processor. In fact I had two. One was big and one was little. I mostly used the little one and occasionally I would bust out the big one. Bust out is a bad way to describe it. Bust out makes it seem fast. It wasn't fast. I have a small kitchen with limited counter space, so the big food processor was tucked away in a hard to reach cabinet. I wanted something that was more accessible and the Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food processor fulfills my need because it comes with 3 different bowls, 3 different sizes, and they fit inside each other, so now I have a big, medium, and small food processor all in one, on my counter, with an added bonus.

This is the bonus.

Carrot juice! Lots and lots of carrot juice. Carrot juice is my other thing. Carrot juice is one of my absolute favorite things. A close contender is passion fruit juice, but in order for passion fruit juice to taste good you need a whole bunch of sugar. With carrot juice you need carrots. And it tastes so good, so so so good. I could put pictures of me jumping up and down to show my excitement but mini-me , bunny rabbit is cuter. The juice extractor and smoothie attachment for the food processor is a mega bonus. It makes it so that our 25lbs bag of carrots do not go to waste and helps me save time and money from trips to the store to buy carrot juice. Plus, fresh carrot juice is a lot tastier than any store bought stuff. I guess that's true for most things.

And because we believe that all good things has a popsicle version we're converted to carrot juice popsicles.

So basically here is a quick rundown of our current happenings.
// our daughter is on sabbatical and in turn we have a bunny.
// a 25 pound bag of carrots is a common sight in our house these days
// new food processor / juicer = good addition to our kitchen
// carrot popsicles are the bomb and since we live in sunny California I'm thinking of making a bunch of these for our big Easter egg hunt

So tell me, what's your current thing?


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