History Repeats Itself, Especially Parenting History

posted on: Saturday, May 11, 2013

At the end of the day I'm like, "what just happened?" There are quiet moments. There are even moments of connection. Enzo and Maria sleep on the same bed. It's a full size bed packed with stuffed animals. Every Most nights I go and lay down with them and sing a couple songs and make several mental notes - change sheets, change pillow cases, remove all these stuffed animals. And then lights off. And then, just like that the day is over. Sort of. My parenting Enzo and Maria day is over;  Eliza and I still hang out at night, nursing you know.

Most of my day is not filled with sweet moments. Its filled with short sentences. "You, brush teeth." "You, potty, wipe, flush." "You, diaper. Blow out."

My days are also filled with work. In fact that's what most of my day is filled with.

I feel like I'm back in school. You know how with school you study, study, study and there's still more studying to be done. You're basically never done. My job is like that. I'm not complaining, I'm just stating the facts. I work a lot. Christian works a lot. I hate how much my 7 year old works. I feel like he works way too much. I'm not a fan of schools starting at 8:20 and going until 2:20, I'm just not. I wish school was half day every day. He's just gone so much of the day and then there's homework. And just like that the day is over.

We were all sick last week and it was miserable, minus the part where Enzo was too sick to go to school but not too sick to enjoy himself at home. He just played with blocks and Legos and read all day long.

Then I started having problems nursing. I won't go into details. I will say that I am doing everything possible to not wean this baby just yet. She seems totally uninterested in food, except for eating paper. I should just leave random food on the floor and let her graze, or I could stop vacuuming.

Funny how history repeats itself, especially parenting history. I swear I was writing about the same things just a couple years ago when Maria was a baby - sleep deprivation, nursing issues, baby putting everything in her mouth. Also, all of our babies look exactly the same so there's that eery element mixed in there.

But you know, it doesn't get old. It's like when a friend has a baby and you're all like "awwwww, so cute" even though your other friend also just had a baby and you had the same reaction and you will forever have the same reaction every time you see a baby. It's like me pickng up Enzo and rocking him even though he's almost to my shoulder. For me they will always be babies and it will just not get old.

As for the pictures above, what does it illustrate? Just a glimpse of a moment in time; something that happens quit often - the kids wanting a snack after they've brushed teeth, after they're tucked in bed, and me caving. I cave a lot these days.


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