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posted on: Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I told myself that this summer I was not going to do a bucket list and more importantly I was not going to force one on the kids.

Ever since we came back from Brazil a year ago it seems like every day was planned out. I started working. I had a baby. I had to recover from having the baby. We traveled. Enzo started school. I started working again. Christian taught two classes. Christian started his dissertation. Christian tutored, twice. Twice! I almost begged him not to tutor the second time around but since he had already given his word he would not back down. We were busy. And trust me I am not bragging. 

I'm looking forward to a slow paced summer. I want my kids to be bored for goodness sakes. I want lazy days. This is hard for me. I'm a total planner. I plan, make goals, I write to-do lists. I buy pretty pens and reserve them for crossing things off my list.

I saw this cute trailer in an open field with delicious treats around it and I thought, "THAT! That's the kind of feeling I want to evoke this summer." I want space, beauty, and delicious treats. Always delicious treats.

Lucky for me Enjoy Cupcakes makes an appearance in Santa Barbara. We'll definitely be in Santa Barbara at some point this summer. If I happen to run into them I won't complain.

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