Food Blog Forum 2013 | Walt Disney World

posted on: Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last year I took the kids to Disneyland for the first time. After 3 days in the park we had to leave. Enzo was so sad to leave. He said was that it felt like only 5 minutes had passed not 3 days. I hear you Enzo, I feel the same way.

Last month we got on a plane (actually 2) and went to Florida to experience Disneyworld. After 3 days in the parks Enzo was once again sad. "That felt like less than 5 minutes; 3 minutes tops!"Yup, I agree. I wish we could have stayed longer, it always feels too short.

We headed to Disneyworld so that I could attend Food Blog Forum.

Can you find me in the picture? I'm the one with the baby. The only one with a baby.

Going to blogging conferences have had a huge impact on my journey as a blogger and now as a full time editor. These conferences feed my creativity. I learn so much - everything from new techniques to new ways of thinking about personal goals.
"When thinking about success always start with the emotion you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself, what will x give me. That emotion needs to be the cornerstone of what you’re trying to achieve" - Scott and Jadyn Hair

It's inspiring to see different journeys, different stories, different blogs. Some bloggers have kids others work full time. Some have been able to transform their blogs into full time jobs, others have no desire to do that and want to keep their blogs as a hobby. There was no shortage of knowledge shared and as always I feel like bloggers are so generous with their knowledge and their time. Thank you to all the speakers and organizers thank you so very very much! And Disney, what can I say? Thank you for your incredible service, hospitality, and the amazing trip.

Also, a super thank you to Lindsey the greatest Disney travel planner ever! She totally planned out our days in the parks which was a huge success.


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