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posted on: Friday, May 2, 2014

In the end of March we flew clear across the country and landed in New York, and then made our way up to Vermont. I went to school in MA and Christian did his MA in CT, that's where we met. After getting married we continued to live in the East Coast for two more years, had our first born Enzo, and then moved to HI and after a year came to CA. This year we'll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary and Enzo was turning 8 and wanted to visit the place where he was born, and the stars aligned with work and school schedules so that we could take a trip back east, play in the snow, see the Palmer branch that lives in NY, and travel around.

First stop Vermont. Snapdragon Inn.

Back in January I went to Alt Summit, a blogging conference in Salt Lake City. There I met some old classmates of Christian who went to school with in him Hawaii. I liked Michelle and Chris instantaneously. They told me about their inn that they renovated in Vermont and invited me to come and spend a weekend with them.

Do you want to know how wonderful, truly wonderful this place is? Imagine a long red eye flight with layover and three kids, one of which is a baby and will not sleep anywhere except her own crib. Staying at the Snapdragon Inn was worth all of that!

This beautiful inn is the sort of place you go to and while you are there you already start concocting a plan to come back, to bring more people with you, to figure out a way if you can move in because this is exactly the type of place you see yourself living the relaxing life you crave. The attention to detail, the warm chocolate chip cookies at night, the elegant rooms, and the subway tiled bathroom with radiant heat floors, makes it the ideal destination for a relaxing getaway. 

We had a lovely time. The kids had a lovely time. And the best part was that we were able to share this experience with Christian's brother, Enoch and his wife Amy and their four kids, because everything becomes even better when there are cousins around. We also had my college friend and her family come up and spend the weekend with us. Yes, it was lovely.

Seems silly to post pictures of snow in May but for us CA residents, snow is a treat and the kids had so much fun playing in the snow.

Another highlight of the trip was visiting Raymond Sugarhouse. Watching husband and wife talk excitedly about their sugarhouse and the process of making maple syrup, and watching their daughter and the grandparents all work together was inspiring. Also, tasting warm fresh maple syrup has gone down on my list of best food experiences.

Lucky us they have an online shop. Maple cream. Maple butter. Maple candy. Thank you maple trees!

I wonder how Vermont is in Spring.
I'm guessing it's lovely.
I can't wait to go back.


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