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posted on: Thursday, May 25, 2017

I've been listening to this podcast called Secular Buddhism and the host keeps going back to the concept of impermanence so I've been thinking about impermanence a lot.

These kids keep growing even when you deliberately ask them to stop growing and stay just as they are.

I would take Eliza's tantrums eternally if it meant that I could always have her rainbow happiness.

But alas impermanence reigns supreme and suffering happens when we want things to be permanent

For example when your heart is set on your four year old daughter and her best-friend growing up together until they are old enough to fall in love and live happily ever after but then the parents decide to lave for Utah-land. Eliza is in for a real heartbreak.

I've been trying to coach her and get her prepared for this change. For example we set up this club where every month we head to Matsumoto's (yes there is always a line and yes it's worth the wait, just as long as you ask for sweetened condensed milk on top of your shave ice) and we get shave ice, but the rule is that we can't get the same flavors we got the previous time. It's a fun way to try something new. 

Eliza breaks all the rules and won't try new flavors. Since she is my boss I always let her get rainbow because anything else just makes her sad

Also, it's good to have some things be constant right? May she always have rainbow shave ice in her life and may it always bring her joy and happiness. That's my wish for my daughter, rainbow shave ice when life gets hard.

This club is not exclusive. We're always open to new members. One random day of the month I decide to send a general text out to the members and see who wants in.

Yesterday I got mango, lychee, and lilikoi with double sweetened condensed milk. I think it was my favorite flavor combination yet. Highly recommend it! 

Then we hit up the beach to wash all the sweet syrup off our face and hands and it was glorious because Hawaii in the summertime is a glassy pool of magic.

In three days we leave for a two month trip. When we come back our friends will be gone, our other friend will have had her baby, the kids will all be in a new grade, and I'll still be trying to freeze little moments and make them permanent so I can save it forever.


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