Last Supper

posted on: Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today was the last time that the 3 musketeers got to eat together, play together, fight over the same toy (even though as you can see there are plenty of toys in our communal yard). Avry (the one with the hat) is our next door neighbor. His parents got this really bad idea to graduate, get a job, and move back to Minnesota. I am so mad at them, mostly because I am going to miss them so incredibly much. Enzo and Avry are great buddies and if you can see in the back, our houses are next to each other and our gates are usually open which means that the boys are in and out of each others house constantly. Enzo will NOT be happy tomorrow when he realizes Avry's gone.

Today I had Enzo duty all day. Christian ditched me to go to the Temple with the youth. So Enzo and I pretty much hung out all day with Avry and his family. The adults were packing so I made the boys lunch. they love eating together. I love when they eat together because they end up eating more. This of course makes sense since eating is a social event and little kids totally get that.

At night I ended up making dinner again for the boys (the adults were still packing). I guess technically I don't really have any pictures of their last supper together. It wasn't anything to brag about either. It consisted of mac and cheese and three little boys glued to the TV while mommies and daddies packed the stuff.

I am so depressed they left. Good thing Christian brought back Krispy Cream doughnuts from his trip. ( the doughnut obsession continues...)


  1. hahahaha I love your doughnut obsession, I think it's awesome! I have one too but I never buy them, so can I live through you? :)


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