Zoku Quick Pop Maker

posted on: Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have you heard of the Zoku? It has the same cold base as an ice-cream maker so that you can make popsicles in a matter of minutes.

My friend Mariko told me all about it last Christmas when we were in Hawaii. Williams-Sonoma was so generous and sent us each one to try out, just in time for summer. I haven't used mine yet but Mariko used hers and now I'm inspired.

That mango lassi popsicle looks so good. Feed me!

Mariko wrote up a whole product review complete with recipes on how to make watermelon ginger popsicles, strawberry orange popsicles, and that delicious looking mango lassi popsicle.

It's not really fair that Mariko has a mango tree right in her back yard. Can you imagine what that popsicle must taste like with fresh mangoes? Heaven.

If you had a Zoku what flavors would you experiment with? I need some ideas.


  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm loving yours... added to my reader!

    I'm dreaming of a mojito inspired popsicle on a nice hot day. :)

  2. I don't drink alcohol but I've had some good virgin mojitos before and a frozen version of that does sound pretty delish.

  3. I vote for a Mexican chocolate variety... with quality chocolate, cinnamon, touch of clove... clearly, a milk-based popsicle!

    Oh, and we have a place called locopops here in Chapel Hill that has boutique popsicles, and they do a sweet avocado cream pop. It reminded Marcos of Brazil and so he bought one... it didn't end up being good (not sweet enough) but how about that for an idea? Avocado vitamina pop?

  4. YES! Metta you are genius. I'm going to make some avacado with sweetened condensed milk. DONE!

  5. But really... don't forget the chocolate and cinnamon... because that's a winning combination!

  6. Ooohh oohhh! And orange creme... mmmm... can I come over when you make those???

  7. I was thinking of two: a key lime (made with condensed milk of course) and an orange made with coconut milk. Sort of like those old fashioned creamsicles.
    Such fun!

  8. How about classic vanilla with rice crispies thrown in? Or fresh oranges and sliced apples?

    That Zoku is one great product!

  9. Great blog!
    I need to get one of these pronto. Over the years we have had a number of popsicle trays and all the pieces slowly go missing. We are in the market for a new one and the idea of popsicles in minutes is fantastic!

  10. Hi Damaris..

    At first, i want to congratulate you for your blog, it´s really beautiful. I´m from Brazil too and your pops are so tasty and beautiful. Have you ever tried one with mousse?? Or caipirinha??? I read that you don´t drink alcohol, but i think that it must be great.
    People from Brazil can post in portuguese too???
    Hugs for you!!!

  11. Oi Adriana. amo comments em portugues. Obrigada pelas dicas. beijos

  12. Oh, I really want to try this. Summer treats are my best friend.

  13. yesterday we finally tried it and we love it. Come over and you can have some.


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