Simple Tropical Fruit Salad | Day 15 of 31 Days of Salad

posted on: Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday's are a day of rest around here. And after all the resting is done it becomes a day of planning. Tomorrow I'm planning on buying more food, hitting up the fruit market, loading up on bananas because it seems like no matter how many bananas we buy we never have enough. Today we had one very ripe papaya, half of a coconut (so happy that there are coconuts in our backyard), and one lonely orange. Now all our fruit is gone but we have a fruit salad, a simple fruit salad but delicious none the less - smooth papaya, crunchy coconut, and the orange squeezed on top. I love living in warm tropical places.

Simple Tropical Fruit Salad
serves 2

1 large ripe papaya seeded and peeled
1/2 of a coconut
1 ripe orange

Cut the papaya in large pieces. Cut the coconut in think slivers. Gently add the two together and squeeze orange on top, soaking the papaya and coconut in the orange juice. Serve immediately. 

Can you believe we're practically half way through with January? We're 15 salad recipes down. A shout out to all the guest bloggers who have made this possible, thank you to the moon and back and back again. I'm having so much fun with this series and I really hope you've been enjoying it too. It's so great to see all the different tastes and writing styles and photography.

Since today was a short recipe and because I enjoy sharing fun internet finds with you here are some things I've been enjoying this week.

// learning more about food waste
// everything on this blog
// granola cups, who would have thunk it?
// lots, and lots, of grilled cheese sandwiches
// Just read the current issue of Saveur and guess what was on the first pages? Brigadeiros. Thanks to zinio I can now subscribe to my favorite mags again and have them on my iPad. I'm happy and trees are happy. Win! 
// Tomorrow we officially start homeschooling Enzo and I feel like this will be a much used and appreciated resource.
// this talk by Pres. Monson. I feel like I could and probably should read over and over again.

One month from today Christian and I will be celebrating 9 years of having met each other at the Last Chance Valentine's Dance. This year it's my turn to plan our Valentine's celebration. I'm so excited and eager to start planning. At the ways things are going it will probably just creep up on me. Yikes.


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