Spinach Salad | Day 14 of 31 Days of Salad

posted on: Saturday, January 14, 2012


Erin Jane, I don't even remember how we became web-acquainted. I think it was through our mutual friend Natalie Norton, yeah I think that's right. Anywho, I web met Erin and became a total and absolute fan of her work. She's the graphic designer behind this blog header and some other blogs I've had in the past. She is an incredible graphic designer, with awesome style, a cute baby, and great taste in food. I'm totally addicted to her blog (now with a new face, congrats Erin on the blog transition) there is not a day that goes by where I don't check to see if she has a new post up. You can also find her on Twitter.

Hello! I am so happy to be guest posting here on Kitchen Corners. I myself am not really a food blogger but I do enjoy food almost more than anything else in the world. I also love salad. I recently had a baby (a beautiful boy named Henry) so I have been eating a lot of salads to try and get back into my pre-pregnancy shape. Spinach is definitely a big part of my diet seeing as pregnancy can do a number on your iron levels. My husband and I often grab the bag of spinach out of the fridge and throw in pretty much whatever we have on hand.


This ended up being our favorite combination a while back and I am still eating this combination on average twice a week. I love fruit and peanuts in my salad together. Any combination of fruit and nuts will do but strawberries and peanuts are my favorite. I used to be a strict vegetarian so I love tofu in pretty much everything. My husband, however, LOVES bacon and I have to admit I am pretty fond of it myself. We both love cheese and avocado. While eating this salad my husband and I will try to get every single ingredient onto our fork at once. Then we argue over who had the single most exhilarating bite out of the whole salad.


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