The Leftover Salad | Day 27 of 31 Days of Salad

posted on: Friday, January 27, 2012

Today I cooked for a total of 1 minute. I made a salad using leftovers. I do that a lot actually. I don't make elaborate meals every day. In fact most days our meals are simple, repetitive, reliable. Things I know the kids will eat. Basically we eat a lot of rice and beans.

It's not everyday that dinner is center stage. Usually dancing in the living room is center stage. Or building a fort, or going to the beach, reading books, those sorts of things. And then when we need a break we sit down as a family, give thanks to God for our food, our life, our family, and we eat, we clean up, and we go right back to where we left off.

Today my 1 minute of cooking was the 1 minute I needed to assemble this salad.

I didn't even bother to make any for the kids or for anyone else. It's rare when I get the chance to do that. Usually someone needs me. But at that exact moment everyone was fine. They were either dancing or cuddling.

I use leftovers on salads pretty often. It's easy to throw some black beans on top of some arugula and quickly slice some tomatoes. These are my favorite kinds of salads actually. There's something psychologically satisfying in using leftovers.

Today, no recipe. Just a quick hi.

p.s Enzo and Iris were dancing to the tune of this little gem when I snapped that shot. If you need a little song to carry you over to the weekend I think that song will do the trick.



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